Natranal Puffer Inhaler Falls Short: An Honest Review


With its ergonomic design, interactive fidget elements, and pure air passage, it aims to offer a unique sensory experience while promoting a sense of calm and focus. In this review, I will share my personal experience with the Natranal Puffer Inhaler and provide my overall conclusion.

I was hopeful when I purchased the Natranal Puffer Inhaler as an alternative to help with my oral fixation while trying to quit smoking. However, my experience with this product was disappointing. The flavor, in my case, grapefruit, was unpleasant and had an odd, unnatural smell. Moreover, the plastic construction felt cheap and lacked any resistance when sucking. It didn’t provide the satisfying sensation I was hoping for. Additionally, the package arrived wet and sticky, indicating a possible defect.

Natranal Puffer Inhaler: Ergonomic Design

With an ergonomic design that fits naturally in your palm, the Natranal Puffer Inhaler is both comfortable and easy to use. Its user-friendly contour allows for a smooth adoption of new and improved routines. Whether you’re using it to help quit smoking or as an oral fixation solution, the Natranal Puffer’s design ensures that it feels natural in your hand, providing a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Interactive Fidget Elements

Set in a soft silicone body, the Natranal Puffer offers a multitude of tactile surfaces, such as pressable buttons and scrollable wheels, providing sensory stimuli to keep your digits active and your mind clear. These interactive fidget elements provide a satisfying tactile experience, helping to redirect your focus and reduce stress and anxiety. Whether you’re using it as a behavioral support tool or simply to keep your hands busy, the Natranal Puffer’s interactive features add an extra level of engagement to your experience.

Pure Air Passage

Drawing in a breath of fresh air is one of the key attributes of the Natranal Puffer. This pure air passage feature supports a sense of composure and focus, providing a refreshing and calming experience. Whether you’re using it to quit smoking or as a stress-relieving tool, the Natranal Puffer ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of deep breaths while keeping your hands occupied.

Natranal Puffer Inhaler: Effortless Operation

Effortless to use, the Natranal Puffer is designed for convenience. It does not require batteries or charging, eliminating the hassle of keeping it powered up. Additionally, there is no need for any refill process, making it a model of simplicity and ease. Whether you’re on the go or at home, the Natranal Puffer is always ready for use, providing a convenient and hassle-free experience.

Natranal Puffer Inhaler: Robust Construction

Its robust construction is ensured by the Natranal Puffer being forged from high-quality materials. It is designed to handle continuous use, making it an indispensable accessory for the habitual fidgeter. Whether you’re using it as a stress-relieving tool or as a behavioral support aid, the Natranal Puffer’s durability ensures that it can withstand the demands of everyday use, providing long-lasting enjoyment.

Natranal Puffer Inhaler: Customer Reviews

Customers have given the Natranal Puffer mixed reviews. Some have found it to be a helpful alternative to quit smoking, praising its lack of harsh chemicals and enjoyable flavors. Others, however, have expressed disappointment, citing a lack of flavor or poor quality. It’s important to consider these reviews when making a purchasing decision, as individual experiences may vary.


        In conclusion, the Natranal Puffer Inhaler did not meet my expectations. It failed to provide the desired flavor and sensation, and the overall quality was subpar. While it may work for some individuals, I cannot recommend this product based on my personal experience. I believe there are better alternatives available in the market that offer a more enjoyable and effective smoking cessation solution.

        Questions & Answers:

        Question: Does the Natranal Puffer actually help with quitting smoking?


        Question: Is the Natranal Puffer easy to use?

        Answer: The Natranal Puffer’s user-friendly contour fits naturally in your palm, facilitating a smooth adoption of new and improved routines.

        Question: Can the Natranal Puffer be used in public places?

        Answer: Equipped with a variety of tactile surfaces, including pressable buttons and scrollable wheels set in a soft silicone body, it offers a multitude of sensory stimuli to keep your digits active and your mind clear.

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